Weight Loss Surgery

All our dietitians are experienced in Nutrition for weight loss surgery and are passionate members of the Riverina Bariatrics team.

SSFM Dietitians can assist with preparing you for surgery by guiding you through the appropriate pre-operative diet to ensure risks associated with surgery are as low as possible. After surgery, we will help you navigate through the liquid and puree diet, followed by the transition back to solids ensuring optimal nutrition to meet your individual requirements.

Our Dietitians will monitor nutritional intake, weight loss, body fat and muscle mass changes, energy levels and hydration. We will provide ongoing support to ensure that you are receiving adequate nutrition with your new portion sizes and provide meal and recipe ideas. We will also be able to assist you with the management of any issues related to the weight loss surgery or with any adverse symptoms you may experience.

We are also dedicated in providing long term assistance to help you maintain your new lifestyle changes and weight loss following surgery. We will also help you address any food related reasons the weight may have crept on in the first place!