Preparing For Surgery

If you are interested in pursuing surgery you will need to start by contacting our bariatric nurses Tracey or Katrina on 02 69250092. We will arrange an initial consult with you to discuss your health status and surgical options for weight loss. Alternatively you can attend one of our seminars held every 6 weeks. The details for the seminar are found on this website under Events. Every patient who has weight loss surgery with us is required to attend a seminar. Our aim is for all patients to have as much knowledge as possible about the weight loss surgery they are considering.

After your initial consult with the nurses and are 100% certain you wish to proceed we will organise an appointment with the surgeon of your choice and their anesthetist. Before you see the surgeon you will need to see one of our dieticians for an initial consult and have a fasting blood test which the nurses will arrange with you. The blood test must be done two weeks before seeing the surgeon. All of our patients need to attend the pre admission clinic at Calvary Hospital prior to their admission.

If you are from out of town please make it know to us and we will arrange the doctors appointment, dietitian and your pre admission appointment at Calvary hospital on the same day.

One working day prior to your operation all patients must ring Calvary Hospital to get a time to present to the hospital.


We have a team of dieticians that specialise in patients undergoing weight loss surgery. Our dieticians will see you once you have decided to proceed with surgery. We ask that you have an appointment with the dietitian prior to seeing your surgeon.

The initial consultation with the dietitian will take an hour. The dieticians will assess your eating habits and look for any areas that may need addressing to allow all our patients to achieve their weight loss goals after surgery.

In the first consultation the dietitians will provide instructions on Optifast, a meal replacement used for a period of time prior to your planned surgery. Optifast before bariatric surgery has been shown to result in significant weight loss and most importantly reduction in liver size. This is important for safety during surgery, if the liver is large and inflamed it becomes an obstacle and therefore a hazard for the surgeon. We expect a 25% reduction in the size of your liver with Optifast over a 2 week period prior to surgery.


Depending on the type of procedure you choose the length of the operation can take anywhere from 1.5hrs to 3hrs in theatre.


Our patients average 2 nights in hospital following weight loss surgery. If you have any other significant health problems or difficulty after surgery we will not hesitate to keep you an extra night in hospital. Our aim is that all patients go home feeling well, eating and drinking well and are confident.


There are risks with any operation. Our nurses, anesthetists and surgeons will go over the risks with you in your initial consultations. Your decision process involves weighing out the benefits and the risks of the operations you are considering.


The initial consultation with the surgeon is $300. We book your operation on the day you see the surgeon and we ask that a $500 deposit is taken on that day for your operation. The $500 fee will be taken off the total cost of your operation.

The total cost of the procedure (surgeon, anaesthetist, hospital fees) and any rebates you may be entitled to will be calculated for you after your initial consultation with the nurse. Post-operative consultations are not charged.

It is advisable to bring a referral from your GP especially if you have had previous health problems. We will also require a list of current medications if your GP has not listed them on your referral.

You will be given an accurate written quote after your first consultation.


Following surgery you will see one of the dieticians regularly to guide you in the transition from a fluid, to puree, to eventually a normal diet. The dietitians will see you every couple of months to ensure you are meeting your daily requirements and achieving your goals. Our aim is for all our patients to have healthy habits for a lifetime to ensure long term success of their weight loss surgery.