Shaping Solutions Food Management

SSFM has professionally qualified dietitians who have all the knowledge and skills to help you make the necessary changes to your diet to improve your health and well being. Theyconsult on an individual basis, as well as to inpatients and staff of hospitals and to businesses and industry.

These accredited practising dietitians can help you with weight concerns, diabetes education, nutrition for bariatric surgery, food intolerance or irritable bowel, pregnancy, oncology (cancer), paediatric nutrition, eating disorders, coeliac disease, sports nutrition, heart disease or a cholesterol problem.

At SSFM, we are committed to helping people make healthy food choices and live healthier lives. We do not promote fad diets, deprivation, weight loss pills, ‘superfoods’, or other products related to unhealthy and unrealistic approaches to diet and health. We offer practical and easy to follow nutrition advice based on healthy, everyday foods.

We believe that food should be enjoyed and that living a healthy life involves mindful eating and a positive relationship with food. We enjoy food without guilt, including the occasionally wine, cheese and chocolate and want to help you work toward doing this too! This approach offers our clients an alternative to the traditional diet approach and help them break free of unhealthy dieting behaviours and attitudes.